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Pomme de Terre Lake

Pomme de Terre literally means "apple of the earth."

Built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1961 for flood control, Pomme de Terre Lake in southwest central Missouri's Ozark Region, provides 7,820 acres of spring-fed recreational waters. With miles of long and winding coves and inlets, Lake Pomme de Terre is most conducive to excellent fishing.

Pomme de Terre State Park offers scenic hiking trails in an area where open woodlands and savannas present a unique backdrop.


Not only does Pomme de Terre Lake provide good-sized bass, walleye, catfish, crappie, the lake’s popularity comes from its marvelous Muskie population.

Managed by the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Fish Habitat Structures ensure excellent fishing anywhere on the lake, all year long. Although Pomme de Terre Lake produces most of the sought after gamefish species such as bass, walleye, catfish and crappie, the lake is most well known for its Muskie population.

In fact, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' State Parks' Division, Pomme de Terre Lake is the only lake in Missouri that offers true muskellunge fishing. Muskies caught in Pomme de Terre Lake can be around 40 inches long.


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    Pomme de Terre Lake Missouri Coordinates:
37.8723N -93.3641W
Map It:
Lake Type:
Surface Area:
7,820 acres
Maximum Depth:
95 ft
839 ft
Normal Water Clarity:
6-10 ft
Major City:


Pomme de Terre Lake welcomes all boat and motor types and offers several public boat launch ramps, available all around the lake, for easy access to the water.

Four full-service marinas service the patrons of Pomme de Terre Lake by providing boating and fishing supplies and services including boat rentals, fuel, tackle, storage and groceries or snacks.


Pomme de Terre Lake's lodging options include campgrounds at the parks and resorts and more around the lake.

The Lake Resource Guide offers additional information on lodging and other facilities in the area.


The closest major city to Pomme de Terre Lake is Springfield. Other nearby cities and towns: Clinton, Republic, Sedalia, Ozark and Carthage. Pomme de Terre Lake flows through parts of Hickory and Polk counties.

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  Pomme de Terre Lake   Pomme de Terre Lake

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