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Lake D'Arbonne

Lake D'Arbonne is a 15,250-acre reservoir located east and south of Farmerville, Louisiana, in Union and Lincoln Parishes. Fed by the Little Corney and Corney Bayous, Bayou D'Arbonne, Middle Fork and Little Bayou D'Arbonne, this lake is a vast resource for Farmerville and its agriculture and industry. At the same time, this beautiful body of water serves as a great recreational venue. Wide expanses of water appeal to water skiers and pleasure boaters -- but anglers like the fact that catches of bream, crappie, catfish, and bass from this lake have broken records.

The surrounding area around Lake D'Arbonne is beautiful and filled with great outdoor attractions. Visitors have easy access to historic Farmerville and to several wildlife refuges, a prime golf course, and recent archaeological digs at Poverty Point State Historic Site. Lake D'Arbonne is located in the middle of Louisiana's "Sportsman's Paradise." The lake runs through the D'Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge, which serves as a haven for bald eagles, alligators, and other waterfowl and wildlife.


The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department (LWFD) stocks this lake, which attracts numerous anglers every year. Crappie average a little over a pound, and anglers also can find catfish, bass, perch, bream, and panfish in this lake.

Some state record fish caught in this lake include Ed Stellner's 15.31-pound largemouth bass in 2000, John Hayden's 1.14-pound bluegill in 2002, Clark La Borde's 2.61-pound white crappie in 2012, and George Wallace's 5.56-pound chain pickerel in 1977.


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    Lake D'Arbonne Louisiana Coordinates:
32.4541N -92.2526W
Map It:
Lake Type:
Surface Area:
15,250 acres
Maximum Depth:
40 ft
80 ft
Normal Water Clarity:
4 ft
Major City:


Boaters can find seven ramps located around Lake D'Arbonne. Three ramps are available on the south side of Farmerville, and a launch ramp and other fishing facilities are available at the state park. Look for a ramp at Highway 2 between Farmerville and the state park, and another ramp is located at Stowe Creek.

Water and jet skiing, houseboating, and other water recreational activities are common on this lake. Boaters even can pull up to a restaurant dock to enjoy a dinner. Although this is an active lake, anglers can usually find a quiet spot to enjoy along fourteen-mile-long shorelines.


Lake D'Arbonne State Park is located near Farmerville on Lake D'Arbonne's north shore. The park is open daily, and it offers sixteen cabins as well as camp sites and two lodges. It is the only state park in Louisiana that provides tennis courts. Other lodging resources are available around the lake, especially in the Farmerville area. Visitors can find plenty of residential vacation rentals as well as B&Bs, hotels, and private campgrounds.

Review the Lake Resource Guide for additional lodging.


Lake D'Arbonne extends across Union and Lincoln Parishes in north central Louisiana. Nearby towns include Farmerville and Antioch. Monroe, located on 1-20 south of the lake, maintains a major airport just 30 miles from Farmerville. Another airport, the South Arkansas Regional Airport at Goodwin Field, is located 45 miles from Farmerville in El Dorado, Arkansas.

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Lake D'Arbonne  Lake D'Arbonne

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