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Lake Bistineau

A log jam on the Red River in Louisiana created the original Lake Bistineau; but, the lake drained when the jam was dredged. In 1942, the government decided to construct a permanent dam, resulting in Lake Bistineau. This reservoir is long and narrow, and extends across three parishes in the northwest part of the state. The lake is lined with old cypress tress draped with Spanish Moss. Water skiers can enjoy the open waters, while anglers can cast for a record bass in the coves and fingers of this fourteen-mile-long lake.

Lake Bistineau has had a non-native salvinia fern infestation since 2006, and this plant can impair boating activities. The lake is being restored from the most recent 2009 infestation that covered 4,500 acres of the lake's 15,550-acre surface.


There are no official Lake Bistineau fish records, but if you hunt for them online you can learn about the nine-pound, nine-ounce bass that Tony Snyder caught in February 2000, and the twelve-pound, one-ounce bass that Kenny Miller caught just one month later. More common are bass in the two-five pound range.

Other fish in this lake include crappie, catfish, and striped, white, spotted, and smallmouth bass. These fish enjoy a habitat that includes shallow to deep water filled with flooded cypress trees, islands, underwater structures, old creek beds, and shallow flats.


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    Lake Bistineau Louisiana Coordinates:
32.1935N -93.2534W
Map It:
Lake Type:
Surface Area:
15,550 acres
Maximum Depth:
25 ft
292 ft
Normal Water Clarity:
3 ft
Major City:


Boaters have access to several boat ramp launches located around this lake. Lake Bistineau State Park offers two ramps, and boaters can take the 527 junction at Taylor to gain mid-lake access at the Plum Orchard or Green Park ramps. Western access includes Grice's landing near the dam or Port-O'-Bistineau in Sibley. While there is plenty of open water in this lake, be aware of water-covered cypress stumps near shorelines. Boat lanes have been cut through some of the more heavily wooded areas and some areas are marked with numbered signs, making it easier to reach open water.

Water and jet skiing, houseboating, and other water recreational activities are common on this lake. Boaters even can pull up to a restaurant dock to enjoy a dinner. Although this is an active lake, boaters can usually find a quiet spot to enjoy along Lake Bistineau's shores.


Lake Bistineau State Park is located on the lake's western shore off Highway 163, and visitors can find primitive tent sites to full-service RV pads. If you prefer to stay in a cabin or lodge, the park also provides those accommodations. Other lodging options are located around the lake and in the towns of Minden, Haughton, and Shreveport. Those towns are located at the north and east ends of the lake along I-20.

Review the Lake Resource Guide for additional lodging.


Lake Bistineau extends across Webster, Bossier, and Bienville parishes in Louisiana. Nearby towns include Minden, Haughton, Bossier City, and the City of Shreveport. Shreveport maintains a major airport, located just 38 miles from Minden on the lake's north shore.

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Lake Bistineau  Lake Bistineau

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