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Lake Manitou

Lake Manitou, located in the Northern Tourism Region of Indiana near Rochester, provides 1,156 acres of clean, spring-fed waters surrounded by parks and wildlife refuges. Naturally formed by glaciers, Manitou Lake offers recreational opportunities such as boating, water skiing, jet skiing, swimming and fishing.

For those who want to observe rare birds and marvel at nature's plant life that thrives in the marshes and woodlands, canoe tours take visitors to the Manitou Islands' Wetlands on the southeastern side of the lake. Some of the rare birds that inhabit the islands include the Virginia rail, sedge wren and marsh wren.

Lakeside Park, on the northwestern shore, provides a pavilion, picnic areas, fishing piers, a public boat launch ramp and a well-preserved butterfly garden. Nearby golf courses and walking trails are among other activities enjoyed by visitors and residents, alike.


Lake Manitou is home to hearty populations of game fish, which attracts fishing enthusiasts to the lake, where they can fish from boats, piers or the shore. The lake's inhabitants include largemouth bass, yellow perch, black crappie, bluegill, golden shiner, gizzard shad, warmouth and spotted gar, as well as good-sized northern pike.


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    Lake Manitou Indiana Coordinates:
41.0542N -86.1833W
Map It:
Lake Type:
Surface Area:
1,156 acres
Maximum Depth:
24 ft
781 ft
Normal Water Clarity:
2 - 4 ft
Major City:


For several years, Lake Manitou has been battling against the rampant growth of hydrilla plants, which were choking off valuable plant life required for maintaining healthy waters. In 2009, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced that the problem was under control, however; strict boating rules are enforced to keep the invasiveness by hydrilla plants from recurring. Boaters must inspect their boats, motors and trailers for signs of any plants before and after boating on Lake Manitou.

Lake Manitou enforces no horsepower or speed limit regulations for motorboats, which allures speed boaters, water skiers and jet-skiers. Boaters can access the lake from launch ramps on both sides of the lake. A fishing pier near the dam accommodates the handicapped.


Hotels, resorts and other lodging facilities along the shoreline provide many options for lodging while visiting Lake Manitou. Please review the Lake Resource Guide for information on lodging options and other facilities in the area.


The closest major city to Lake Manitou is Indianapolis. Other nearby cities: Rochester, Plymouth, Warsaw, South Bend and Kokomo. Lake Manitou flows through parts of Fulton county.

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