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Lake of Egypt

Lake of Egypt, located in southern Illinois six miles south of Marion was created by the Southern Illinois Power Cooperative (SIPC) in 1962 when they dammed the South fork of the Saline River to provide cooling water for its coal-burning power plant.

Framed by a 93-mile shoreline, the lake provides 2,300 acres of recreational waters with an average depth of 18 feet and a maximum depth of 52 feet.

As a privately owned lake, Lake of Egypt is subject to regulation by its owners and the state. The "Official Lake of Egypt Rules and Regulations" can be found here.


The most sought after fish in the Lake of Egypt include Bluegill, Crappie, Striped Bass, Hybrid Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Channel Catfish.

Lake of Egypt holds the state record for producing the largest Hybrid Bass caught in Illinois. In 1993, David B. Gjelsvik's catch weighed 20-pounds .32-ounces.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources Division of Fisheries offers "Spear/Bow and Arrow" and "Hook-and-Line" Sport-Fishing Awards to recognize anglers for fish caught in Illinois' waters. (Click link on the bottom right for details.)


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    Lake of Egypt Illinois Coordinates:
37.625N -88.9583W
Map It:
Lake Type:
Surface Area:
2,300 acres
Maximum Depth:
52 ft
466 ft
Normal Water Clarity:
3-6 ft
Major City:
St. Louis, MO
St. Louis, MO


The lake is open to the public. There are no horsepower restrictions on this lake, however there is a 35 m.p.h. speed limit and the rules are very specific regarding the types of boats permitted to operate on Lake of Egypt. Waterskiers, tubers and jet skiers are permitted on the lake, but only in specified areas.

Racing boats, houseboats, boats with loud exhaust systems, boats with sidewalls, pontoon boats over 28 feet nor hull boats over 20 feet may use the waters comprising the Lake of Egypt.


Camping is available at Buck Ridge Campground, which is part of the Shawnee National Forest. A variety of Inns, Resorts, Bed n' Breakfasts and more are available in proximity to the Lake of Egypt.

Please consult the Lake Resource Guide for information on lodging and events in the area.


The closest major city to Lake of Egypt is St. Louis, MO, which is 132 miles from the lake. Nearby Illinois' cities and towns, each with its own unique offerings, include: Marion, Nelson, Herrin, Carbondale, Harrisburg, Vienna, Jackson and Mt. Vernon. Lake of Egypt flows through parts of William and Johnson counties.

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